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Specialists in acrylic-Plexiglas fabrication, Priority doo design display products for Point of Sale. Priority is an agile and responsive design and manufacturing company that offers bespoke products and solutions to its clients, many of whom are international brands, household names or top design and creative agencies. Our dedicated team provide a full bespoke service from initial concept through to delivery.


What is a POS display?

POS display means Point-Of-Sales display. It is a specialized form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter (the point of sale). For a POS display everything from the brand name, the number of shelves, shape, colour to the material used can be customized. Materials used can completely transform the look of the display, and in turn, the customers view of the product or brand itself. The main point of POS displays is that these are not only meant to sell and advertise your product but to sell your brand to prospective customers.

POS displays will help to increase brand awareness and to gain visibility.
Moreover, POS displays are an essential tool for brands to push their promotions.