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Cash Desk Screens

It is used on counters with cash registers, especially on conveyor belts.
Suitable for mounting on any standard counter, it separates the customer from accidental contact with expensive equipment.

A practical range of acrylic barriers for transparent crates. Barriers are offered according to different types of crates and in different thicknesses. They are made of excellent quality of clearite and are delivered with metal and plastic holders to be easily placed on the counter with the cash register. In addition to quality barriers and fast delivery, we also offer the service of replacing and installing new barriers.

There are also bulkheads, customer guides, hanging cash register tags (or sections), dividers where customers separate their items on the conveyor belt, etc.

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Colorless transparent acrylic
Material thickness
10 - 16 mm
Per request


From idea to finished product

Cash Desk ScreensCash Desk Screens