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Parasite Shelf

Parasite shelves are used to trade products in alternative areas within the retail environment, allowing for additional points of purchase. One-sided display shelf. Exhibition wall with light boxes. High display. Security shelves with pegboard pages. External sales unit.

"Parasite shelves" are the only solution if you want to make more profit with very little creativity and invested money. This way you get additional sales space, but also the opportunity to highlight and promote certain products.

The basic means of the concept of cross-exposure of goods (in the professional literature, this concept is known as Cross Merchandising) are precisely the "Parasite Shelf". By their way of production and placement on already existing shelves, they single out a certain item from the offer. This type of shelf is placed on existing gondolas so that they "jump out" of them and thus draw customers' attention to certain products.

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Parasite ShelfParasite Shelf